Features Of Two Best Modems – Arris Tm822g & CenturyLink C1000a Modem

Are you planning to ditch your old, outdated, rented modem and buy a new one? Are you looking for the best modems available in the current market? If so; you have landed at the right place. Here’ we’ll be discussing two top-rated, most popular and best-selling modems – Arris Tm822g and CenturyLink C1000a Modem.

Both have great internet speed, high-speed gaming, and credible streaming and one of these two which could be the one which you are searching for! So, what we are waiting for? Let’s get started!


Arris TM822G

Arris Tm822g

Arris Tm822g is the device, on which you can fully trust! Integrated with ARRIS SURFboard technology; this modem assures reliable streaming, fast download speeds, and speedy gaming. It is basically a telephony modem which is well-compatible with most of the leading Internet providers in the U.S. It is streamlined and specially designed for two lines of Voice over IP (VoIP). Arris Tm822g ensures your high-speed internet access for all your data needs and is available in almost every online shops and e-com stores!

CenturyLink C1000a Modem

CenturyLink C1000a Modem is one of the most credible, ultra-broadband, and robust modems available in today’s market. Designed and developed by CenturyLink networks; this modem is integrated with high-end features like Gigabit Ethernet switch, powerful wireless N radio, capacious amounts of memory (64 MB Flash, 64 MB SDRAM), and dual-core 32-bit processor. This modem can simultaneously support a variety of multimedia applications including online gaming, IPTV, HDTV, standard TV, Voice over Wi-Fi, and media sharing.